Slow Down! Why SLOW is The New Fast

Oh, it used to feel so good, so empowering. An adrenaline rush, really.  I could be writing a 5 year plan, on a conference call and communicating in hand-signals to my co-workers, all at once. Forget walking and chewing gum! I ran down the hallways to the fax machine, swung into my boss’ office, a…

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Overcoming Fear: Accepting and Integrating Your Shadow Self

“What I know from this daily journey  is that fear increases pain.  What I don’t know but I suspect is that pain IS fear.”  Shrieking and cowering on its hind legs, the Gollum-like cat bares and gnashes its fangs, hissing. Although free to roam in a beautiful garden, it is frozen in its tracks writhing…

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How Do I Find Myself (When I Don’t Feel Like “Me” Anymore)?

Do you know one of those people that seems to express themselves effortlessly? Easy. Self confident. Authentic. Well there is one simple thing you can do every day that will bring you leaps and bounds closer to living life as your own authentic self.  It will bring you unconditional self-confidence and peace, stop negative patterns in…

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