Julia Lau de Guzman, Master Coach

Julia Lau De Guzman Life Coach As Co-Creator of Be Alive! Life Coaching, Julia Lau de Guzman stands passionately for YOU and your most authentic, vibrant and fulfilling life, one in which you are not only realizing your dreams but savoring the journey along the way. She calls you forth to be the artist of your life, intentionally creating exactly what you want – a life you love! She creates an open and safe space for you to clarify intentions, explore possibilities and clear obstacles to make “impossible” dreams a reality. Her coaching sessions are often described as inspiring, energetic and transformative. Life coaching fulfills Julia’s purpose – to help others become empowered in their lives, to see their own radiance and hear their own inner guidance. In addition to her practice, Julia has served as a coach and trainer for various organizations. She taught advanced coach training courses as faculty of Awakened Wisdom Experiences. As trainer and coach for Springboard Forward, she supported entry-wage workers in developing and realizing their career visions. And she coaches social justice organizers in her work with The Windcall Institute, an organization that offers rejuvenating retreats for longtime non-profit leaders. Julia is a Master Coach and Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach (CPCC) with the Coaches Training Institute and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation with several advanced coach training certificates and over 8 years of coaching experience. She is also a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute’s renowned Co-Active Leadership Institute and has served on the Board of the International Coach Federation’s East Bay Coaches Chapter. Before coaching, Julia taught voice, guitar and songwriting to support her artistry as a performing singer/songwriter. Her 7 year love affair with music is captured on her original acoustic alt/rock album In The Wildflowers And Weeds, and she still performs occasionally with her band. Prior to music, Julia spent 7 years as a non-profit leader and community organizer for workers and tenants in LA and SF Chinatown. She graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Ethnic Studies and Communication in 1995. Julia lives with her husband and two daughters in their sunny lake home in Discovery Bay, CA. Her loves include trees, novels, massage, hiking, dancing and yoga. An artist at heart, Julia considers her life – in all its thriving, nourishing, abundant glory – to be her greatest creation.

Availability & Rates-  Julia works 7 days a week by appointment. She is looking for individuals wanting to make at least a 3 or 6 month commitment to coaching. Initial sessions are $125 and monthly coaching rates are as follows:

Initial session- $125

2 sessions per month- $150 (25 min), $250 (45 min)

3 sessions per month- $200 (25 min), $350 (45 min)

4 sessions per month- $250 (25 min), $450 (45 min)

Unlimited email coaching- $50 for 1 week, $100 for 1 month

*SAVE WHEN YOU PREPAY! 5% off any 3 mo. package; 10% off any 6 mo. package


Julia has been an incredible life coach and ally for me the last couple of years.  She is gentle and patient, but fierce in her commitment to reflect back to me my highest possible self.  I am continually in awe of how creative, resourceful, and intuitive Julia can be in finding ways to guide me through the maze of my own heart and mind.  Since beginning sessions with Julia, I have experienced countless breakthroughs in my life both internal and external.  If you are considering life-coaching, Julia is truly the best.

Allison B., Herbalist & Radio Producer – Berkeley, CA

Julia is an amazing coach. She was really expert at surfacing my own truths and moving me to act on what I know about myself as opposed to getting caught up in the circular thinking and endless data seeking I can do.  After each call I felt simultaneously affirmed for who I am AND called to move beyond any gremlins holding me back. Her questions were so on target and her ability to help me move to a reflective place was just stellar. A great coaching relationship that got me somewhere.

Holly F., Program Director - Oakland, CA

I worked with Julia for about a year, and highly recommend her excellent coaching. I uncovered lessons and insights that I still draw from and expect to use all my life. She is unfailingly compassionate, wise and intuitive, and manages to create a uniquely designed coaching experience to match your personality, needs, and the twists and turns of everyday life. For me, working with Julia helped most in clarifying my core values to guide me through tough decisions, and a method for finding and strengthening my inner voice and wisdom.

Tram N., Non-Profit Leader - Oakland, CA

Julia is a fabulously sensitive, perceptive, empowering, and inspiring coach. Julia knows when to listen, when to intervene and holds an incredible space in which I conquer fears, learn, and grow. Looking back after just three months of work, I feel this part of me that was aching to become expressed, develop and reveal itself to be a true part of me. Julia’s sessions have always been right to the point and to a place near the core, as the layers of protection fall away with my newfound sense of strength and wholeness. She inspires me to continue to find ways to develop all aspects of myself.

Roxanne C., Acupuncturist – Anchorage, AK

Life coaching helped me to restore my confidence and to see things more clearly in some nebulous times. It was a fun and revealing process of self-discovery…I always felt I was moving forward, and not in circles like I used to feel during psychotherapy. It was the moment of the week that I had for myself to figure things out. I was impressed with how Julia helped change my state of mind. I would start our session anxious, confused, and preoccupied with all the things that I couldn’t accomplish and I would end the session relaxed, confident in myself, and with a plan on how to accomplish what I really wanted. The process involved identifying my saboteur and defeating it. Living life without a saboteur is a life worth living!

D.S., Pediatrician– Los Angeles, CA

Julia Lau de Guzman has been a great ally for me, both in my music career, as well as my personal life. Her skillful listening is worth its weight in gold, when it comes to strategizing career goals or planning a difficult conversation with a loved one. She brings both natural talent to interpersonal work, as well as a depth of training and experience. If you need the help of a life coach to take your life to the next level, I would recommend her without reservation.

Jessica R., Singer Songwriter– Oakland, CA

Julia has been an incredible ally for me in the last 6 months since I started working with her.  Her finely tuned radar makes each session a gem, helping me focus my intention, keep my eyes on the prize, and develop a plan for the future.  I walk away from each one with a deeper clarity of my life's work and with a renewed vitality of how to actualize that.  Her words stay with me and the insights I've gained and steps that I've taken from the work with her have been invaluable.

Julia G., Spiritual Healer - Richmond, CA

I came to Julia during a most tumultuous time in my life.  I was rife with anxiety and had just been emotionally devastated to the point that I thought I would never recover.  Julia was there from the get go to provide an open ear and a broad network of support, listening and never judging and effortlessly guiding me towards my own self discoveries and eventual recovery from one of my lowest low periods.  Admittedly I was skeptical going this route and seeking coaching but Julia eradicated those doubts and what not within seconds of our first conversation.  You will truly find nobody better.  🙂

Timea Q., Vancouver, BC

We all want to be masters of our own destiny, but even the best captains get lost at sea sometimes. Here's where a life coach comes in. Julia provided tools for helping me get out of a sticky situation. I knew I wanted to leave my job, but lacked the courage to move forward because the economy was so bad. So I stayed (unhappily) for months. Julia guided me in crafting my own exit plan, and followed up regularly with me so that I was achieving my goals. We all need someone to give us a nudge now and then. The sessions gave me a sense of accountability and kept me on track.

Adelaide C., Journalist - Los Angeles, CA

Julia gently guides you through questions to get you to look at your situation or challenge from a different angle. When viewing this challenge with different "eyes" you can truly figure out how to address the challenge or situation and come away with a new solution.  Julia has a gentle, kind demeanor that has allowed me to work through my challenges and turn them into accomplishments.  Thank you for your guidance and for believing in me.  I highly recommend Julia!!

Taryn B., Chiropractor – Alameda, CA

I've worked with Julia for many months.  She's wonderful at helping me get back in charge of my choices and my life - to make choices from a new perspective.  She asks questions that get me to look deeply.  It's those questions in the loving, non-judgmental, respectful coaching relationship that helps me see and clear out the gunk in my gears so I get to be me.  Julia worked with me recently in a new niche I'm taking on.  She kept reflecting back what she heard me say - my delight and my fears - along with an added insight or intuition.  That process was instrumental in taking bold steps - starting a meetup group, taking risks, and flying high.

Nancy M., Life Coach – Castro Valley, CA

Being a coach myself, I'm familiar with the different strategies coaches use to help their clients.  Julia is in a class of her own.  I have benefited greatly from her leadership.  Julia has an innate way of meeting people where they are at and lifting them up.  She has dramatically helped me shift my perceptions of my life purpose.  As a result, both my business and my personal life are where I want them to be.  She possesses the ability to foster personal growth and made it very easy for me to move into action.  Anyone who wants to experience a significant breakthrough in their business, relationship or life in general should make it a point to spend some time with Julia.

Kenneth N., Life Coach – San Diego, CA