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* 25 minute Phone/Skype Sessions $75

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25 Minute Sessions: Will I Still Get Quality Life Coaching?

As a Life Coach In-Training I paid $200 every month for a single 30-minute life-coaching session. Yikes! No wonder many people assume life coaching is inaccessible to them! But, I learned something very important from that experience and from my own training in conducting 5-15 minute life coaching sessions. Shhh! This is a BIG SECRET but... You can get as much done in 25 minutes as you can in 45 minutes.

This sounds counter-intuitive but it's actually true. Just for the "feel" of it, I allow my clients to tell stories and go on tangents a little, knowing I don't need this level of detail to coach them. BUT, I can get as much good life coaching done in 25 minutes as in 45 (at on-a-budget, affordable-to-anyone, discount rates) if you will do your part.

Here's How ...

  • 1. Call Exactly On Time
  • 2. Sit down in a quiet place 10-15 minutes BEFORE your call and calm yourself. Come to the call prepared with what you would like to talk about and with the intention of getting specific work done
  • 3. Allow your life coach to guide you in a quicker pace of coaching

Is Phone or Skype Coaching As Effective As In-Person Coaching?

I do like to "see" my clients in person or via Skype for the first session, if possible. This is because it's useful for the client to see their life coach's body language and facial expressions to feel fully connected and trusting.

After the first session, I really don't think it matters.

One of the keys to self-development is regular, consistent attention to your progress-- this means finding a structure that will fit your schedule over the medium to long term. You will be amazed how connected we can be over the phone and the convenience of this structure will allow you to spend more time on your self-development and less time commuting... plus you can continue your self-development while on vacation or traveling for work! We have had regular clients in New York, The San Francisco Bay Area, Hawaii... even New Zealand!

Can't afford to buy a webcam? I just checked out Google Shopping and found webcams for under $5. Furthermore, if you're not already using Skype to talk to friends and family here and abroad, you are truly missing out. Details on Buying a Webcam & Using Skype

Email Coaching: How Does It Work?

Well, the short answer is... we don't exactly know! This is the first time we've offered email coaching. The long answer is that we assume it's like any other kind of coaching. You come with an issue; we ask you questions to get you thinking more deeply about it and also offer you challenges and homework assignments to get you moving in the direction you want to go.

We recommend at least one in-person or phone/Skype session to get to know one another, understand the big picture of what you're wanting to create and to design our partnership. But we're willing to experiment a little and find what works for both of us. Let's give it a try!

"Take the first step in Faith. You don't need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." ~Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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