Dealing With Pain & Suffering: A Helpful Perspective


I had a vision. Well, NOT a vision, actually, because I was seeing REALITY… just more clearly. I was at a silent meditation retreat, about 6 days in. I had been spending 15 hours a day in walking, eating, sitting and wakeful meditation… kinda like a training camp for the mind. Observing every detail of…

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Coping Skills: How to Deal with Anxiety, Depression & Overwhelm

Stress balls

My body is tense and uncomfortable, looking for distractions… Caffeine? Perfect! Sugar? Bring it on! Text messaging, videogames, Facebook? Even better. My mind is shifting, circling without landing anywhere… one thought to the next distracted thought. Conversations and people around me are like magnets, drawing my fickle attention. I feel like someone dropped a handful…

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