How Can I Be More Self-Confident?


Aaaah, the illusive, misunderstood Self-Confidence. To those longing for it, they see the outward appearance of decisiveness, clarity and poise. And they see it’s powerful effect on others, the unspoken trust and respect it elicits. On the other hand, once you’ve “arrived” it’s kinda anti-climactic, hardly the victorious, powerful, self-important feeling you might have expected.…

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Santa Says: “Don’t Be Good!” From Unhealthy “Giving” to Authenticity and Love


What is it about the holidays that can be so bitter-sweet? Dealing with family issues and personalities that trigger you in the worst ways… Being around the people you love the most but who may not “see” you for who you truly are. And then there’s the “giving” season. Maybe you long to help in…

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