York C., Artist, Lawyer York C., Artist, Lawyer, Los Angeles, CA

“The time I spent working with Stephanie helped me to not only achieve my goals in creativity and business, but to create a sense of health, peace, and balance in my internal life. She worked with me to clarify my priorities, to clear away the clutter and distractions that everyday life throws at you, and to keep my eyes on what is important to me. We worked in a consistent, measurable way towards quality of life goals that I set for myself.  Stephanie's gift is that she is able to strike this extraordinary balance between being really thoughtful and giving, while still being patiently persistent in holding me accountable to the standards I set for myself. Its not easy work to change your life for the better, but when you are working with Stephanie, she brings such a warmth and a generosity of spirit, that the  process was satisfying, productive, and transformative.”

Kenneth N., Coach, Art Director Kenneth N., Coach, Art Director, San Diego, CA

"Being a coach myself, I'm familiar with the different strategies coaches use to help their clients.  Julia is in a class of her own.  I have benefited greatly from her leadership.  Julia has an innate way of meeting people where they are at and lifting them up.  She has dramatically helped me shift my perceptions of my life purpose.  As a result, both my business and my personal life are where I want them to be.  She possesses the ability to foster personal growth and made it very easy for me to move into action.  Anyone who wants to experience a significant breakthrough in their business, relationship or life in general should make it a point to spend some time with Julia."

Roxanne C., Acupuncturist Roxanne C., Acupuncturist, Anchorage, AK

"Julia is a fabulously sensitive, perceptive, empowering, and inspiring coach. Julia knows when to listen, when to intervene and holds an incredible space in which I conquer fears, learn, and grow. Looking back after just three months of work, I feel this part of me that was aching to become expressed, develop and reveal itself to be a true part of me. Julia’s sessions have always been right to the point and to a place near the core, as the layers of protection fall away with my newfound sense of strength and wholeness. She inspires me to continue to find ways to develop all aspects of myself."

Victoria Y., Digital Brand Specialist Victoria Y., Digital Brand Specialist, San Diego, CA

"Stephanie is awesome. Her presence immediately gives you a deep sense of peace and comfort and her guidance is intuitive and open. She never judges or gives advice, she simply allows you to answer your own questions and find your own voice. Every session leaves me feeling refreshed and more confident in what I truly want out of life. She helps you truly discover your inner voice and dreams, while keeping you accountable for achieving them."

Vicky R., Community Development Director Vicky R., Community Development Director, San Diego, CA

"It has been such a blessing to work with Stephanie. Through her guidance and support I have been able to gain more clarity on my own personal goals. Stephanie has an amazing ability to create an environment that allows you to open yourself up and reflect on what it is you want to do. She has been able to pull out the resources in me I didn't realize I have, and helped me create the foundation I need to continue my journey towards living a happy and authentic life."

Holly F., Program Director Holly F., Program Director, Bay Area, CA

"Julia is an amazing coach. She was really expert at surfacing my own truths and moving me to act on what I know about myself as opposed to getting caught up in the circular thinking and endless data seeking I can do.  After each call I felt simultaneously affirmed for who I am AND called to move beyond any gremlins holding me back. Her questions were so on target and her ability to help me move to a reflective place was just stellar. A great coaching relationship that got me somewhere."

Mobolaji O., Filmmaker Mobolaji O., Filmmaker, Los Angeles, CA

“Stephanie is a powerhouse coach!  She has a keen intuition and a gentle spirit which enable her to create just the right balance between supporting you with your challenges and moving you forward towards your goal.  She is a healer in the world whose voice and spirit alone are transformative. I have nothing but good things to say about what she taught me and helped me create through her coaching. I live a more full loving life because of my time with her.”

Taryn B., Chiropractor Taryn B., Chiropractor, Bay Area, CA

"Julia gently guides you through questions to get you to look at your situation or challenge from a different angle. When viewing this challenge with different "eyes" you can truly figure out how to address the challenge or situation and come away with a new solution.  Julia has a gentle, kind demeanor that has allowed me to work through my challenges and turn them into accomplishments.  Thank you for your guidance and for believing in me.  I highly recommend Julia!!"

Ebernee F., San Diego, CA

"When I came to Stephanie I was living " The American Dream" But for me I was very unhappy. I felt stuck and didn't know how to move forward.  I also felt trapped by fear. She help me to move forward, to recognize my fears and to take them on and face them. To also recognize my triggers so that I wouldn't repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Now I'm happy with my life and I thank her for everything she has done for me. Everytime I climb over that new mountain I will always think of her. Thank you Stephanie for everything you done for me."

Nouala B., Entrepreneur Nouala B., Entrepreneur, San Diego, CA

"Stephanie is an amazing coach, she is literally helping me shift my life in a way I never thought would be possible. What's so great about Stephanie's work is that she helps you know yourself best (Yes, sometimes we lose track of who we are..) and emphasize your qualities to become a better version of yourself, while leaving your unwanted patterns behind...how amazing is that??? She doesn't judge, doesn't advise, doesn't predict the future, doesn't diagnose you to give you a packaged  treatment (like most therapists do). She just empowers you with great tools to help you reach out to your goals and dreams. Stephanie is professional, focused and efficient. I'm impressed by her capacity to remember every detail of what we talked in previous sessions and ability to connect the dots. I feel that my possibilities are limitless since I started seeing her, it is one of the best decisions I have made in my whole life, and I feel so grateful that my path came across hers. THANK YOU STEPHANIE FOR BEING SO GREAT!!!"