Tell Me More About Life Coaching!

We call ourselves "Be Alive!" life coaches because we specialize in helping our clients achieve a deep and ever-present resonance in their daily life. This feeling of deep fulfillment emerges as a result of clarifying your most cherished values and creating a life that expresses them. Life coaching will help you develop the joy, spontaneity and peace of mind that comes from true inner fulfillment.

How Will Our Visits Be Structured? We work with highly motivated and creative adults. The format is modern-- we have 25 or 45 minute phone, Skype or in-person sessions 2-4 times per month. You create a vision for who you want to be and what you want to create in your life. In each session, we move through obstacles, envision possibilities and create action plans for reaching your goals. You "try on" new perspectives and experiment with new strategies for handling challenges and stepping into your fullest potential. You set "homework" assignments for yourself that make you think and act toward your goals between sessions. Through this process you learn to listen to your inner signals and become a sculptor of your own life-- cutting away the dissonant parts and watching as your core purpose and being emerges, radiant and ALIVE!

What are Master Coaches? 

The International Coaching Federation defines Master-level Certified Life Coaches as having at least 2,500 hours of coaching experience and 200 hours of coach-specific training, including training from an Accredited Coach Training Program. Our coaches have all the training and experience to help you create the life you're looking for!

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