Letter to My Unborn Son (…And to ALL Sons & Daughters of Mothers)

My son, do not be afraid to enter into this world—a world of challenges, growth, a world of all things conceivable by the human mind. You are here to enlighten, to enliven, to open (sometimes painfully) to All That Is. You are here at the perfect moment, brought here specifically to be You. And if you can do this… imperfectly trust, imperfectly accept, imperfectly express your Youness, you will be exactly the chord, the perfect note, that is needed on the Earth at this moment. Be Yourself.

My child, there is more. You must know that nothing exists that is not a part of you, part of the Oneness that makes up you and all things in this World. So, embrace it all, however awkwardly, however fearfully at first, knowing that pain is a part of giving birth to anything. Pain is natural. Pain opens us, humbles us, gives birth to Compassion and a greater connection to all of the beings and emotions and colors that are a part of Us. Never avoid the pain that leads to love, my son. It is teaching you to be soft and strong and courageous and leading you to become a fuller expression of your Divine Self.

Do not be confused. It is your joy that will take you by the hand and lead your way. You have only to follow all of the wonders that capture your heart. This is the magical, the blessed world that you have been born into, with a Creator, a Reason, a Ruling Force that is pure Love. Do always what Love commands, what your stillness and knowingness reveal to you. The fires of your fears and tempests of your emotions will subside as you step deliberately and courageously in the direction of your deepest joy.

Never forget, my son, that you are part of the Earth and Heavens. The same seasons run through your veins. Do not hate any one of them. Welcome them and listen for their gifts and lessons.

You are never alone. Take shelter in the quiet forests, the rythm of the roaring waters and the wisdom and comfort of the earth beneath your feet. These are your brothers. Study their ways. Nature knows how to create. She knows how to cleanse, how to balance, how to produce beauty and abundance. Remember who you are in Her presence and– despite the World’s confusion and charades– be this, your true essence, in the world. In simplicity, in laughter, in joy.

Oh, my son. There is so much more. I pray that you teach me through the truth and simplicity of your presence. I will seek to ground your boundlessness with wisdom and direction, listening for when to be my Ocean and when to be my Fierce Lioness of discipline and clarity.

Above all, my Son, my earth brother, it is my greatest gift to love you.

Eternally yours,


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